A U.S. manufacturer and supplier of laminate veneer products, Bruex, Inc specializes in:

  • Curved plywood products, and
  • Flat plywood

Our components are used by our customers for varying applications such as residential and commercial-use furniture and auditorium or school seating including:

  • Exposed and Upholstery Grade Furniture Components
  • Arms
  • Seats
  • Backs
  • Frame Parts
  • Ottomans
  • Rails
  • Shells
  • Treadmill Boards
  • Spring Boards
  • Completely Finished Products

We design, manufacture and deliver custom and non-custom designed products that meet the specifications of our customers' needs. In our complete woodworking shop, we use cold presses and radio frequency presses. We have thousands of forms for specialized products, a multitude of sanding, boring, and cutting equipment.

Licensed and insured, we provide 100% guarantees on all our products. For a free estimate or to discuss your plywood product needs, contact Bruex, Inc. today.